We’ve been lied to… We’ve been told to “Get on Tiktok” or “Post five times a week on Instagram” if you want to grow your business or community online. 

But social media isn’t the only way to share your voice and grow your audience. 
My thoughts as a creator? 
  •  Don’t spend hours on social media apps.
  • Don’t equate your number of followers to the depth of your impact.
  • Don’t assume it's too late to start.
  • ​The market is NOT too crowded; there is room on top for you to leave a mark!
In fact, as of 2023, there are 460 million. Does that sound like a lot? Well, it’s nothing compared to the end of 2024: there will be an estimated 500 Million podcast listeners worldwide. 

Now is the time to start your show!

Because the world needs your voice. 

Since launching my show, the You Turn Podcast, in 2018, we’ve received more than 2M unique downloads, consistently ranked in the Top 20 Charts, and created multiple six figures of income for the business with sponsors we LOVE … 

This has been SO fulfilling, that I was inspired to partner up with my incredible production team at SWELL to create the PodLaunch Academy for you.
I’ll never forget the first time I sat down behind the mic. I was filled with excitement and a little bit of nerves. Who would listen to me? Would ANYONE see me as different in a sea of voices? But within my heart was a deep-seated sense that I simply HAD to express myself and share the words living inside of me. 

I didn’t know where it would take me, but I chose to follow the whispers encouraging me to move forward…

If you are here, chances are you feel the same way. You know you have something to share – even if you’re scared– and are ready to follow the whispers and nudges affirming your desire.

Clarity comes from engagement… And so does confidence.

The more times I sat down to record an episode, the clearer my voice became, the bigger the audience grew, and the more important the show's mission became. 

What could have been a collection of conversations stored on my hard drive blossomed into my mission to help others make what I like to call a “YOU TURN,” the decision to reconnect to your truest self, reconsider your life and become radically honest with yourself about what you want.  

THAT is what inspired me to create the PodLaunch Academy…to help YOU turn your podcast vision into reality once and for all. 

In an effort to support you even more, I partnered up with my production team at SWELL to provide even MORE insight, tools, and strategies to build a successful show from the start.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. 

It is our honor to support you!

What if, in just a few weeks, you could successfully and easily launch your dream show?

What would it be like to save time and energy – and easily receive all your podcast questions and answers in one single place?

How would it feel if you had support in creating and carrying out a crystal clear vision for a show that will reach your ideal audience?

This is the entire point of the PodLaunch Academy!

Module 1: Elevate Your Mindset To Become The Next BIG Show!
    In this module, we’ll: 
    • Build the mindset of a podcaster
    • ​Prepare your life and business for the show
    • ​Take a snapshot look at the 2023+ podcast market and know where it is going
    • ​Explain how you can stand out in the market based on what’s coming
    Module 2: Clarifying Your Show Vision, Niche + Concept
      In this module, we’ll: 
      • Craft your show concept
      • ​Deep dive into your target audience
      • ​Identify your show categories on Apple & Spotify and craft a strategy for optimal exposure
      • Hone in on who you are as a host: your show structure, voice, style and relationship to the audience
      • ​Name your show- wisely
      Module 3: Technology 101: Recording, Tools + Equipment
        In this module, we’ll: 
        • Easy, affordable equipment recommendations 
        • ​Explore what platforms you can use for show recording and distribution, such as Review - Zoom, Zencaster, RiversideFM and beyond
        • ​Examine recording Software options at all price points- working at a high level vs. a low level
        • Share top Do’s and Don’t Do’s for Audio Recording and Studio Set Up
        Module 4: Create Content That Inspires Your Listeners: Intros, Outros + Show Descriptions 
          In this module, we’ll: 
          • Plan Your First episode Recording
          • ​Explain how to craft and record your launch assets (Episode Intro/Outro and Trailer)
          • ​Draft a compelling podcast description
          • Define your “sonic identity” (the music and sound of your show)
          • ​Explain how to create Cover Art that attracts listeners
          Module 5: Make Your Show Appear EVERYWHERE– Choose Your Hosting Service + Distribution Channels
            In this module, we’ll: 
            • Selecting your ideal syndication platform providers (Anchor, Libsyn, Buzzsprout and beyond)
            • ​How to set up a Libsyn account with ease
            • ​The process to set up your podcast on streaming platforms (Spotify, Stitcher, Pandora, Amazon and more)
            • Apple Podcast Account: how to set this up and stream your show on Apple
            Module 6: Production + Social Media Made Easy
              In this module, we’ll: 
              • Explore logistical support and tools for social media
              • ​Establish a recording calendar that works for YOUR creative process
              • ​Identify how to produce your show’s Audio and refine the show management overall - Production house, gig contractor or YOU
              • Determine what to write and how to write compelling show notes that draw listeners in
              • ​Optimize podcast performance metric tracking
              • ​Create a strategy for guest invitations, recording and inviting them to share their episode
              • ​Provide guest email templates to use throughout the entire production process
              • ​Discover how to start and nurture an email list that expands your impact and prepares you to monetize the show with sponsors 
              Module 7: Become The Best Show Host in the Pod-verse 
                In this module, we’ll: 
                • How to prepare for an interview– both as a host and a guest on other shows
                • Interview tips and insights to pull out unique insight for your audience
                • A storytelling and episode template to engage listeners
                • ​Simple (Yet Effective) Interview Questions
                • ​Resources for Future Journalism learning and interview skill building - books etc.
                • ​How to pitch yourself as a guest on other podcasts– and provide a memorable interview that creates further opportunities for you 
                Module 8: Cross Collaborations + Planning The Perfect Launch Day
                  In this module, we’ll: 
                  • How to create a buzz for your show​
                  • How to create social content that delights your audience and draws them to your podcast
                  • Simple tools to share your podcast in one click
                  • Cross-collaboration strategies with other podcasters as a tool to increase your reach and podcast audience
                  "Participating in the PodLaunch Academy was a huge jumpstart to launching my podcast. Before the course, I knew I wanted to start a podcast, but I didn't really know exactly how, what, or why. PodLaunch guided me and inspired me to dig deep into the nitty gritty AND the creativity needed to launch with success, longevity, and confidence. Thanks, Ashley and Kirsten!"

                  -Danielle YS
                  Inner Space
                  Here's What You Get When You 
                  Join Us Today:
                  • Access to 8 video trainings, (8+ hours of instruction) delivered immediately 
                  • Downloadable templates and fillable worksheets (accompanying training)
                  • ​Access to 8 Q&A Sessions (2+ hours of insight) delivered immediately
                  Today You Will Learn how to Launch Your Dream Podcast, Share Your Message and Build a Show that Supports others!

                  Luck favors the bold. Don’t wait to take action - join us now!
                  There are a limited number of seats at this price point, and once we fill up, this offer will expire. 

                  You deserve to launch your show-
                  It's time to say goodbye to the “what if’”s and the fear of stepping up to the mic.

                  I already have a show and want it to do better, will this course help?
                  Yes! If you’re show has hit a plateau, your stuck wondering how to get more listeners or want to turn your podcast into more of an asset for your business we will cover ALL of this in the course. Often, podcasters get started with a ton of passion, and not a lot of clarity. By taking this course, you’ll be able to adjust what isn’t working for your show and learn how to amplify what is working. 
                  Can I take the course at my own pace?
                  Yes! This course is completely set up for you to do at your own pace and timing. We do recommend that you follow along at the pace we have set to get the most out of your time and commitment.
                  I want to connect to a community! Will I have others to connect with?
                  Yes! You will be able to join a private collection of aspiring or current podcasters who are just as excited to be here as you are. Definitely use this group as a tool to connect with other podcasters, build relationships and ask questions. When you launch your show, this group will become your built-in cheer team and perhaps even build partnerships, collaboration, or find perfect guests right here. You are not alone!
                  I don’t want to start my podcast for another few months- should I do this course later?
                  The best time to start is now! There will never be “the perfect time” to start. We recommend doing the legwork in this program, as the clarity content in Modules 1-4 are all about laying out the strategic groundwork for you to take action and launch the show successfully throughout modules 5-8. We highly recommend diving into the content and laying a foundation to build your show with success.
                  I'm really busy, how much time will I need?
                  Each module is roughly 1 hour long, with a Q&A segment included in addition. The course is set up to complete in 4 weeks, if you do two modules each week. Outside of the modules, we recommend setting aside 2-4 hours each week to implement the lessons learned. The launch phase of your show will be the biggest time commitment. After that, we provide guidance on maintaining your show in 2 hours or less each week. All of this said, you can go at your own pace with the course since you have long-term access.
                  Is there any one on one time with Ashley or SWELL included in this course?
                  This is a self-study course, there is no 1:1 time with Ashley, or SWELL, throughout the experience. This podcast launch methodology presents their best material and content.
                  What if I don't like this course?
                  No Problem! Email with all of your completed homework within 7 days of signing up, and we’ll issue you a full refund. All the module homework required for this is in the membership site.
                  Do I really have access to this course for LIFE?
                  No! You have access for 1 year from the date of your purchase. Right after purchasing the course, you’ll get an email with your membership ID and password…From there, you’ll access all of the modules in the membership area, at once.
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