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To Launch and Grow your Podcast in 30 Days
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You'll Discover
In This Course, You Will Discover
--> How To Create A Show Concept Your Audience
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--> Actionable Steps To Grow Your Audience And Make An Impact
-->The Keys To Becoming The Best Podcast Host Ever
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To Launch And Grow My Podcast In 30 Days!
We’ve pulled some of our favorite trainings out of this flagship podcast course, the PodLaunch Academy, so that you can discover some of the best secrets to creating a successful show – at no cost. Below is just some of what you’ll experience in the course.
  • MODULE #1: Mindset To Become The Next BIG Show!
    How to build the mindset of a successful podcaster
  • MODULE #2: Clarifying Your Show Vision, Niche + Concept
    Hone in on your show's vision and audience so you know exactly how to make an impact.
  • MODULE #3: Technology 101: Recording, Tools + Equipment
    Select the best (and most affordable) equipment and software.
  • MODULE #4: Create Content That Inspires Your Listeners: Intros, Outros + Show Descriptions
    Understand the keys to building a successful show.
  • MODULE #5: Make Your Show Appear EVERYWHERE– Choose Your Hosting Service + Distribution Channels
    Set up your podcast with ease on all distribution platforms.
  • MODULE #6: Production + Social Media Made Easy
    How to promote your podcast and grow your reach.
  • MODULE #7: Become The Best Show Host in the Pod-verse
    Land and prepare for interviews with your dream guests.
  • MODULE #8: Cross Collaborations + Planning The Perfect Launch Day
    Creating a buzz for your show by design.
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